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substance abuse

Rate at Which Children Orphaned From Drug Overdose Doubles in 10 Years

A stunning new inter-agency report estimates 321,566 children lost a parent to drug overdose in 10 years.

Semaglutide As Potential Addiction Therapy

Recently, there has been growing interest in another possible use for GLP-1 weight loss and diabetes drugs — to treat addiction.

Compulsion, the First C of Addiction      

Let’s take a look at some deep dives into human psychology as it relates to addiction, compulsion, and displacement activity.

Oregon Passes Legislation Making Sweeping Changes to Substance Use Disorder Laws

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek signed new legislation expanding treatment programs and restoring criminal penalties for drug possession.

Does the Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) Lead to Internet and Smartphone Addiction?

The Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) can lead to excessive use of social media, smartphones and the internet, with negative health consequences.

The Sugar Conundrum

The surplus of neurochemicals that results from eating sugar creates a heightened sense of well-being that is the same as drug intoxication.