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Month: May 2024

Chaos Behind the Wheel

The neurobiology of addiction is one of the strongest forces to affect human behavior. How a particular person reacts can depend on many factors. It’s physical too.

The New York Times Takes a Long Look at Drug Addiction in Baltimore

A deep dive into Baltimore’s supersized overdose deaths from The New York Times and The Baltimore Banner.

$35 Million Funding for Telehealth Addiction Treatment Provider

Pioneer in telehealth addiction treatment, Boulder Care, secures $35 million in funding for rural expansion.

MORE Is Better When It Comes to Addiction Treatment

New research shows the benefits of combining mindfulness training with addiction treatment.

An Activist Who Knows What’s What

When pondering the deep questions of drug abuse, it is useful to consult an intelligent and articulate addict, like Russell Brand.

Ozempic Maker to Study Its Effect on Alcohol Consumption

Novo Nordisk, the maker of Ozempic, plans to study the drug’s effect on alcohol consumption.