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Month: May 2024

Comedians and Too Much Food

Many professional comedians got their start as fat kids, and served their apprenticeship as obese teenagers, and some have carried it into adulthood.

GLP-1 Drugs Used to Reduce Cancer, Fight Dementia

GLP-1 agonists such as Ozempic and Wegovy are being tested for their ability to impact cancer rates and slow dementia.

The Movement Away From Abstinence and Toward Addiction Resistance

The unrealistic focus of substance abuse education on abstinence is yielding to a more enlightened approach based on addiction resistance.

What Is Cannabis-Induced Psychosis and How Common Is It?

Cannabis-induced psychosis requiring emergency medical treatment occurs in less than one percent of cannabis users.

Rate at Which Children Orphaned From Drug Overdose Doubles in 10 Years

A stunning new inter-agency report estimates 321,566 children lost a parent to drug overdose in 10 years.

Continuation, the Third C of Addiction

How is substance dependence defined? And is long-term, continuous recovery from food addiction possible?