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Substance Abuse

The Movement Away From Abstinence and Toward Addiction Resistance

The unrealistic focus of substance abuse education on abstinence is yielding to a more enlightened approach based on addiction resistance.

What Is Cannabis-Induced Psychosis and How Common Is It?

Cannabis-induced psychosis requiring emergency medical treatment occurs in less than one percent of cannabis users.

Rate at Which Children Orphaned From Drug Overdose Doubles in 10 Years

A stunning new inter-agency report estimates 321,566 children lost a parent to drug overdose in 10 years.

Continuation, the Third C of Addiction

How is substance dependence defined? And is long-term, continuous recovery from food addiction possible?

America’s Polysubstance Abuse Crisis

The rise of polysubstance abuse, particularly the combination of synthetic opioids and stimulants, is ushering in a dangerous new era in the country’s addiction crisis.

Control, the Second C of Addiction — Continued    

How does a deadly habit correlate with a person’s inordinate thirst for attention? Such a psychological malfunction can be behind addiction and can be cured with a lot of work and insight.