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New Research Into How Addiction Impacts the Brain’s Reward Pathway

Rockefeller University and Mount Sinai study the role of the nucleus accumbens in the brain’s reward pathway.

Compulsion, the First C of Addiction      

Let’s take a look at some deep dives into human psychology as it relates to addiction, compulsion, and displacement activity.

Understanding Habit Formation

An important aspect of recovery from addiction is learning how to disrupt or retrain bad habits.

Can You Get Addicted to Fame?

The desire for attention travels the same pathways through the brain as other compulsions.

Sugar and the “A” Word

From a displacement theory standpoint, sugar appears to be a cue that triggers eating as a displacement behavior. This may develop into an eating addiction.

Is Ozempic Shrinking Profits for Snack Food Firms?

The snack food industry is bracing for reduced sales due to GLP-1 drugs such as Ozempic.