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Gaming Addiction

Are Loot Boxes Leading to Gambling Addiction?

Loot boxes are bonuses in video games that provide gambling-like rewards and appear to be contributing to gambling problems.

School Districts Say Social Media, Gaming Addiction Is Costing Them Millions

Three Canadian school districts have sued Meta for causing “compulsive behavior” in students costing them millions in additional expenses.

Groundswell of Concern Over Teenage Media Addiction

Mothers Against Media Addiction (MAMA) and the Center for Humane Technology are organizing against smartphone addiction.

School Counselors Poorly Equipped To Deal With Vaping, Gaming

A new study of high school guidance counselors shows they are poorly equipped to deal with vaping and gaming addiction.

Can You Get Addicted to Tech?

Technology addiction happens when people cannot stop using their tech even when it is causing real problems in their lives.

Online Gaming Addiction

Online gaming addiction is yet another form of harmful displacement that can lead to real health problems.