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Introducing AddictionNews

AddictionNews is a new resource covering the fields of addiction science, addiction studies, and addiction treatment, among other addiction-related topics.

New York State Bears Down On Tech Companies Over Social Media Addiction

The New York State Assembly is considering legislation to restrict how social media companies interact with minors.

Seattle Testing Contingency Management for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

A pilot project brings contingency management to the streets of Seattle in an effort to curb overdose deaths.

Following the Money on Video Game Addiction

A blizzard of lawsuits against video game makers reveals how video game addiction works and how it can be treated.

The Brain Scans of Adolescents Show Damage Caused by Internet Addiction

A systematic review of the brain scans of adolescents with internet addiction found surprising results.

Addiction — Instantaneous and Irreversible?

One dose of morphine or cocaine can almost immediately (within three hours, anyway) initiate physical changes in the brain.

Using Lifestyle Medicine to Treat Illness by Changing Behavior

Lifestyle medicine is a six-sided approach to improving lifestyles as a treatment for chronic disease.