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Introducing AddictionNews

AddictionNews is a new resource covering the fields of addiction science, addiction studies, and addiction treatment, among other addiction-related topics.

Anorexia, Gambling, and the Anticipation Wrinkle

We need dopamine to inform us that we have received something we wanted, and maybe even something that we never knew we wanted.

You Broke It, You Bought It: Contingency Management and Addiction Recovery

There is a stunning amount of resistance to the most effective opioid addiction treatment: paying addicts to not take drugs.

The Psychology of Addiction and Recovery: A Contrary View

Dr. Elias Dakwar of Columbia University’s CHOSEN addiction recovery program shares five myths about addiction that many people will find surprising.

Public Policy and America’s Opioid Epidemic

Two leading neuroscience researchers from Mount Sinai lay out their public policy recommendations for managing the opioid epidemic.

Adaptive Pharmacotherapy for Smoking Cessation

A randomized, controlled trial of adaptive pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation shows quit rates nearly three times the standard treatment.

More Anticipation Wrinkle

Apparently, dopamine is not only the reward, but the incentive that goads an individual to pursue that reward.