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Month: December 2023

How Daydreaming About the Future Can Improve Substance Abuse Resistance 

Episodic future thinking — the ability to see yourself in the near future — plays a critical role in resisting substance abuse.

The Relationship Between Overeating and Substance Use Disorders

There is a strong similarity between the way overeating and substance use disorders act on the brain’s reward pathways.

The Connection Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Recent surveys examine the relationship between substance use disorders and mental health disorders and recommend integrated treatment.

Preventing Stigma From Preventing Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Stigma is a powerful barrier to treatment for substance use disorders. AddictionNews examines a timely meta study on stigma and substance abuse.

Why Do Some People Become Addicted While Others Do Not?

Researchers examine all the scientific literature on decision-making in addiction and reduce it to a common set of questions and theories.

A Psychoactive Plant From Africa Being Tested for Opioid Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine, a drug derived from a plant in Africa, has shown promise in the treatment of opioid addiction and PTSD.