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Month: January 2024

Are Smartphones Programming Our Brains for Anxiety and Addiction?

Research from Italy shows a troubling correlation between the age adolescents become addicted to their phones and serious mental health problems.

The Mechanics of Addiction: Dopamine and the Brain’s Reward System

A review of the mechanics of addiction and withdrawal on the brain’s reward system.

Sugar Shambles

Sugar is right up there with (both notoriously addictive) cigarettes and alcohol as a killer.

The Addiction Policy Forum’s Anti-Stigma Initiative Launches in 100 Sites

Cities across the United States are learning this week whether they’ve been accepted into Addiction Policy Forum’s Anti-Stigma Initiative.

What Does Recovery From Addiction Look Like?

Everyone wants to recover from addiction but no one is sure what recovery means.

Can You Get Addicted to Fame?

The desire for attention travels the same pathways through the brain as other compulsions.