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Month: March 2024

Dopaminylation — What and Why?

Addictive drugs and dopamine go together like peanut butter and jelly. The question is, why?

March Madness: America’s Out of Control Smartphone Gambling Addiction

Have state governments sold their own citizens out for a slice of the fortune being spent on smartphone gambling?

New DNA Test Predicts Susceptibility to Opioid Addiction

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of a new DNA test to identify patients at risk of opioid use disorder.

Meditation As a Treatment for Work Addiction

A controlled trial shows the benefits of meditation and mindfulness training in treating work addiction.

Workaholics Create Problems for Themselves and the Organizations They Work for

Research shows that workaholics are a danger to themselves, to their families, and to the organizations they work for.

Scandalous Sugar

It makes a lot more sense to talk about “eating addiction” than “food addiction,” because evidence points to various foods being triggers.