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The Growing Concern of Gambling Addiction in the Era of Legal Sports Betting

With each state’s legalization of sports betting comes an inevitable surge in calls to gambling addiction hotlines.

California Lawmakers Move to Unlock Research on Psychedelics and Addiction Treatment

California lawmakers push to dismantle a bureaucratic bottleneck that has stymied progress in studying addiction treatment and psychedelics.

America’s Polysubstance Abuse Crisis

The rise of polysubstance abuse, particularly the combination of synthetic opioids and stimulants, is ushering in a dangerous new era in the country’s addiction crisis.

Control, the Second C of Addiction — Continued    

How does a deadly habit correlate with a person’s inordinate thirst for attention? Such a psychological malfunction can be behind addiction and can be cured with a lot of work and insight.

“Magic Mushroom” Study Will Look at Treating Addiction, Trauma

A University of Washington School of Medicine study will look into the therapeutic potential of psychedelic mushrooms in treating addiction and trauma.