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sugar addiction

Scandalous Sugar

It makes a lot more sense to talk about “eating addiction” than “food addiction,” because evidence points to various foods being triggers.

The Weirdness of Sugar Exceptionalism

Any human could theoretically live a long and robust life without ever ingesting so much as one teaspoon of sugar. Yet, here it is.

Addictiveness, From Many Angles

People feel very strongly about the addictiveness (or not) of sugar. What makes them so sure? Personal experience, for one thing.

Food Addiction vs. Eating Addiction

Does it make a difference whether obesity is the result of food addiction or eating addiction?

Sugar, Addictiveness, and Dopamine

For people of all ages, ingesting sugar causes the brain to make dopamine and deliver it to other parts of the brain — which is exactly what illicit substances do.

The Suspect Fits the Description

Is sugar addictive? Is sugar a drug? If it is either or both, shouldn’t it be criminalized? So many questions. So many answers.