Latest developments in causes and treatments




The Movement Away From Abstinence and Toward Addiction Resistance

The unrealistic focus of substance abuse education on abstinence is yielding to a more enlightened approach based on addiction resistance.

Wastewater Analysis From the Happiest Places on Earth

Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) for drugs could be enormously helpful in directing drug use prevention and recovery resources.

How the Demonization of Addiction Costs Municipalities Lives and Money

Due to stigma and moral hazard, many communities suffer more overdose deaths, lost income and unreimbursed costs.

School Counselors Poorly Equipped To Deal With Vaping, Gaming

A new study of high school guidance counselors shows they are poorly equipped to deal with vaping and gaming addiction.

Resources For Stigma Recognition and Reduction

A short guide to several large collections of resources for stigma recognition and reduction.