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gambling addiction

Are Loot Boxes Leading to Gambling Addiction?

Loot boxes are bonuses in video games that provide gambling-like rewards and appear to be contributing to gambling problems.

March Madness: America’s Out of Control Smartphone Gambling Addiction

Have state governments sold their own citizens out for a slice of the fortune being spent on smartphone gambling?

Delay Discounting and Behavioral Addiction

Delay discounting is a measure of impulsivity that has been linked to gambling addiction, eating addiction, and internet addiction.

The Effectiveness of Internet-Based Treatments for Gambling Disorders

Internet-based treatments for gambling disorders are surprisingly effective. Third post in a series.

Are There Any Effective Treatments for Gambling Disorder?

What does the scientific literature say about treatments for gambling disorder?

A Perfect Storm of Gambling Addiction Is Headed for the U.S.

Combine gambling addiction with smartphone addiction, add a massive sports betting ad budget, and you get disaster.