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gambling addiction

How Does the United Kingdom Handle Gaming Addiction?

The National Centre for Gaming Disorders has handled over a thousand referrals for gaming addiction since its founding in 2019.

The Brain Scans of Adolescents Show Damage Caused by Internet Addiction

A systematic review of the brain scans of adolescents with internet addiction found surprising results.

Are Loot Boxes Leading to Gambling Addiction?

Loot boxes are bonuses in video games that provide gambling-like rewards and appear to be contributing to gambling problems.

March Madness: America’s Out of Control Smartphone Gambling Addiction

Have state governments sold their own citizens out for a slice of the fortune being spent on smartphone gambling?

Delay Discounting and Behavioral Addiction

Delay discounting is a measure of impulsivity that has been linked to gambling addiction, eating addiction, and internet addiction.

The Effectiveness of Internet-Based Treatments for Gambling Disorders

Internet-based treatments for gambling disorders are surprisingly effective. Third post in a series.