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New Research Into How Addiction Impacts the Brain’s Reward Pathway

Rockefeller University and Mount Sinai study the role of the nucleus accumbens in the brain’s reward pathway.

Can Addiction Be Treated With Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound?

The Wellcome Leap fund for Untangling Addiction has awarded $50 million in financing for 14 projects including low-intensity focused ultrasound (LIFU).

This Is Your Brain On Drugs

We take a look under the cover of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s book on addiction and the brain.

Where Is the Brain’s Reward System and How Does It Work?

Two studies involving brain scans attempt to map out the brain’s reward system.

Is It Love or Is It Dopamine? This Is Your Brain on Love!

Love can feel like an addiction for good reason: it packs a one-two punch of dopamine and oxytocin.

How Dopamine Drives Addiction

New research showing a connection between the cerebellum and dopamine producers in the basal ganglia holds promise for addiction therapy.