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substance use disorder

The Movement Away From Abstinence and Toward Addiction Resistance

The unrealistic focus of substance abuse education on abstinence is yielding to a more enlightened approach based on addiction resistance.

Rate at Which Children Orphaned From Drug Overdose Doubles in 10 Years

A stunning new inter-agency report estimates 321,566 children lost a parent to drug overdose in 10 years.

This Is Your Brain On Drugs

We take a look under the cover of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s book on addiction and the brain.

Investigative Journalist Takes a Hard Look at California’s Addiction Treatment Programs

Watchdog Columnist Teri Sforza attends ASAM55 and comes away with a few suggestions for California Governor Gavin Newsom.

The Community Reinforcement Approach for Substance Use Disorders

Developed in the 1970s and refined in the 1990s, the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is inexpensive and effective.

Contingency Management Comes of Age

Contingency management — the practice of paying rewards for compliance with addiction treatment programs — is so successful it’s finally being adopted.