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smartphone addiction

Zuckerberg Avoids Personal Liability in Social Media Addiction Lawsuits

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg released from personal liability in social media addiction lawsuits.

School Districts Say Social Media, Gaming Addiction Is Costing Them Millions

Three Canadian school districts have sued Meta for causing “compulsive behavior” in students costing them millions in additional expenses.

Groundswell of Concern Over Teenage Media Addiction

Mothers Against Media Addiction (MAMA) and the Center for Humane Technology are organizing against smartphone addiction.

Which Came First — Loneliness or Smartphone Addiction? 

A look at three studies from across the world that show a strong positive correlation between loneliness and excessive smartphone use.

Zuckerberg Wants Out of Lawsuit Over Addictive Algorithms

Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg is asking a court in California to take him off a lawsuit accusing the company of intentionally-harmful practices.

A Perfect Storm of Gambling Addiction Is Headed for the U.S.

Combine gambling addiction with smartphone addiction, add a massive sports betting ad budget, and you get disaster.