Latest developments in causes and treatments




The Community Reinforcement Approach for Substance Use Disorders

Developed in the 1970s and refined in the 1990s, the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is inexpensive and effective.

Contingency Management Comes of Age

Contingency management — the practice of paying rewards for compliance with addiction treatment programs — is so successful it’s finally being adopted.

How Does Delay Discounting Relate to Addiction?

Delay discounting is a measure of how much you have to reward a person to delay gratification. Two studies look at how it impacts addiction.

The Role of Habit Substitution in the Treatment of Addiction

Habit substitution is critical to the long-term success of behavioral modification efforts including addiction recovery.

The Shifting Definitions of Sobriety and Recovery

The connection between sobriety and abstinence has taken new directions.

Dopamine Fasting: Fad or Fantastic?

Dopamine fasting began as a Silicon Valley quick fix for addicted tech execs. It’s now been refined into a helpful tool.