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Workaholics Create Problems for Themselves and the Organizations They Work for

Research shows that workaholics are a danger to themselves, to their families, and to the organizations they work for.

Delay Discounting and Behavioral Addiction

Delay discounting is a measure of impulsivity that has been linked to gambling addiction, eating addiction, and internet addiction.

How Does Delay Discounting Relate to Addiction?

Delay discounting is a measure of how much you have to reward a person to delay gratification. Two studies look at how it impacts addiction.

Understanding Habit Formation

An important aspect of recovery from addiction is learning how to disrupt or retrain bad habits.

Can You Get Addicted to Fame?

The desire for attention travels the same pathways through the brain as other compulsions.

Understanding the Relationship Between Personality and Addiction

A survey of the correlation between substance use disorders and personality disorders such as toxic masculinity, narcissism and psychopathy.